O5/05/2018. . . . . .Schedule Change for May 6

The games originally scheduled for Monday May 7 at Ossian have been rescheduled to avoid any conflict with the Annandale High School game on May 7.  The games have been moved to Monday May 14  at the same time and field.  The website has been updated to reflect the change. 


O3/28/2018. . . . . .Practice Slots Are Now Available

Teams may now request practice slots using the website “Practice” button.  Slots are awarded on a first come basis.  The list is not dynamic so it only changes once per day.  Every team in good standing may request ONE slot now.  There may be an opportunity to request another one at a later time after all teams have been given a chance.  You may make multiple requests now, but only one will be awarded based upon your order of preference.


O3/23/2018. . . . . . . Manager's Meeting Conducted

An annual Manager's Meeting was conducted on Thursday March 15.  The meeting started promptly at 7:30pm in the second floor Ignite Room at Christ Church on 7600 Ox Road (RT 123).  The umpire-in-chief was present to speak on ASA rules for 2018 and to answer manager's questions.  Softballs, scorebooks, and 2018 ASA rulebooks were distributed. 

There were two new local Rules for 2018 adopted at this year’s Annual Managers Meeting.  They were discussed in detail and a vote was conducted.  The exact wording was not solidified at the meeting.  The 2018 Local Rules are available via the website.  The new rules are highlighted in yellow to draw your attention to them

2018 is a transition year for FCCSL where we are switching to a new softball.  Both last years ball and the new ball are legal for your games in 2018.


O3/14/2018. . . . . . . Invitation to Register a Team

An invitation email message went out on February 1 for the 2018 softball season.  Registrations are to be made online using the league website and the "Register Online" button.  Complete all items in blue and click on the "Submit" button.  You may enter your teams playing restrictions on the form.  A confirmation email message will be sent out later.