O4/21/2016. . . . . . . Regular Season Schedules Completed

The regular season schedules are now ready and available on the website.  Use the "Schedule" button and your team number to retrieve it.  The delay that occurred this Spring was evidently caused by a new system the county began using to distribute field permits.

O3/27/2016. . . . . . . Courtesy Rule Change Result (local rule)

One of the managers present at the annual Manager's Meeting submitted a change to liberalize the local rule regarding courtesy runners. The wording of the proposal was sent to 2016 managers for their approval or denial.  Ten teams responded in total and all ten voted to approve the change.  The new courtesy rule has been included in the FCCSL Local Rules which are available for download on the FCCSL website.

O3/27/2016. . . . . . . Manager's Meeting Conducted

The annual Manager's Meeting was conducted on Tuesday March 15.  The meeting started promptly at 8:00pm in Room 256 at Christ Church on 7600 Ox Road (RT 123).  We had the umpire-in-chief speak on ASA rules for 2016.  A proposal to form a FCCSL Grounds Crew to perform minor maintenance on our fields was delivered.  Softballs, scorebooks, and 2016 ASA rulebooks were distributed.  One rule proposal was offered regarding a change to the Courtesy Runner Rule.  It was agreed that the wording would be submitted after the meeting and all teams would have an up or down vote.

O3/05/2016. . . . . . . New Roster Form for 2016

For many years we have been using a standardized roster form as a MS-Word document.  For 2016 we will be using a new roster form.  It will be an excel spreadsheet instead of a word document.  We are making this change at the direction of Fairfax County.  Having all leagues in the County use a standardized roster format will enable them to streamline their process and make it easier for the County to compute the charges.  The new roster form is available now for download on the "Rules and Forms" web page.

O2/25/2016. . . . . . . 2016 Season Announcement

An email message was sent out on February 1, 2016 to all managers and alternate contacts of last season with an invitation to register online.  The cost breakdown was also included.  There is one change for the 2016 season.  There will not be a preseason schedule.  Instead we will begin games around April 15 with the intent of getting the regular season games played.  There has been a problem for a few teams over the last couple years where the weather caused them to miss games when the season ran out.  Depending on the fields we are assigned we may get to have practice times scheduled.