O5/06/2019. . . . . . . Prohibited Bat List

In the past I have always pointed you to the ASA site to view the Prohibited Bat List.  This year the USA organization sent the list directly to me.  I took it and posted it to the FCCSL website so that everyone purchasing a new bat may confirm that it is legal.  Use the "Rules and Forms" button and click on item #4 to view the list online.

O4/14/2019. . . . . . . Regular Season Schedule Complete

The season will begin on Thursday April 25 for most teams.  Your team's schedule was developed to comply with the days of the week that your team can play taking into account to avoid all days your church has an event.   Your schedule may be viewed  on this website using the "Schedule" button.  Rescheduled games will appear on the same website as they are made.

O3/25/2019. . . . . . . Practice Requests Available

March 26 is the first day to request a practice slot.   All teams that have paid the 2019 fee and registered are invited to select and request one practice. Everyone will get a chance for a single practice time.  Later teams will get an opportunity to request a second one. 

O3/23/2019. . . . . . . Opening Day Change

Instead of starting on April 18 (as announced during the Manager's Meeting) which is during the Fairfax County Spring Break, FCCSL will now begin the season on April 25.

O3/22/2019. . . . . . . Practice Requests

Each team in good standing will be able to request one practice slot starting at 12:01am on March 26.  You should use the "Practice" button on the website and follow the instructions.  You will be notified soon if you were able to get your choice.  Slots are awarded first come first served.

O3/22/2019. . . . . . . Manager's Meeting Conducted

The annual Manager's Meeting was conducted on Thursday March 21, 2019.  The meeting started promptly at 7:30pm in Room 251 at Christ Church on 7600 Ox Road (RT 123).  The umpire-in-chief was invited to speak on USA Softball rules for 2019.  There are no rule changes for 2019 that affect FCCSL. There was a local rule change proposed and accepted at this meeting.  The COED managers voted to eliminate the home plate safety rule implemented in 2018 and revert back to the USA Softball rule (Traditional).  The Fellowship managers voted to expand the 2018 home plate safety rule to include having a second home plate for offensive runners.  These were the only local rule changes for 2019.  Softballs and scorebooks were distributed.  The 2019 USASA rulebooks will be distributed after they are received from that organization.