O4/06/2017. . . . . . . Regular Season Schedules

The 2017 regular season schedules are now available on the website.  Use the "Schedule" button and select your team number.  This is the original schedule, but you know that fields will be closed and games will be rescheduled.  All revised schedules are posted to that same page as the rained out games are rescheduled.

O3/25/2017. . . . . . . Practice Requests

Each team in good standing will be able to request one practice slot starting at 12:01am on March 26.  You should use the "Practice" button on the website and follow the instructions.  You will be notified soon if you were able to get your choice.  Slots are awarded first come first served.

O3/25/2017. . . . . . . Manager's Meeting Conducted

The annual Manager's Meeting was conducted on Thursday March 16.  The meeting started promptly at 8:00pm in Room 251 at Christ Church on 7600 Ox Road (RT 123).  We had the umpire-in-chief speak on ASA rules for 2017.  He brought up that there was a new ball being used in many other leagues.  We will be using the same balls as previous years for 2017, but plan to phase in the new balls starting next year.  There were no new rule proposals for 2017.  Softballs, scorebooks, and 2017 ASA rulebooks were distributed. 

O3/25/2017. . . . . . . 2017 Season Announcement

An email message was sent out on January 31, 2017 to all managers and alternate contacts of last season with an invitation to register online.  The cost breakdown was also included.  Beginning in 2016 we began using a roster format that was in compliance with Fairfax County Community and Recreation Services requirements.  A sample roster is available on the website for download under "Rules and Forms".  That excel format roster is the only acceptable format for 2017.